Here's how Democrat Bill Orton and Republican Karl Snow expressed their views on selected issues during a debate at Utah Valley Community College Wednesday.

Budget, taxes and deficitSnow: "I would have gone with a 4 percent increase over last year's budget as a way of reducing the deficit over a period of the next seven years. We increase (spending) in this country about $75 billion annually without increasing taxes. If you moved to only a 4 percent increase you'd have about $27 billion every year to reduce the deficit over a period of seven years."

Orton: "(I've) proposed a three-part approach which includes both process reform and spending realignment - spending limitations - but also taxes. I have presented a proposal whereby we would eliminate or remove from the budget the interest on the national debt. I have proposed a transfer tax which is spread broadly across the entire base of the U.S. economy, which would be designed to pay off the national debt and the interest on the national debt."

Use of force in the Middle East

Snow: "I would not support the use of nuclear weapons. I think we do have very sophisticated military equipment. Any encounter there is going to be swift and quick. I think we clearly would be the victor without even talking about the use of nuclear or atomic weapons." Snow also said he advocates military action only if the U.S. is attacked first.

Orton: "Our policy clearly must be an international policy . . . We have taken the proper steps in setting forth economic restrictions. I believe those economic restrictions have the capability of being effective in resolving the problem. I would not give the green light to military force until it was clear those economic restrictions and maneuvers have not and will not work (and that action is supported by U.S. allies)." Orton does not favor first use of nuclear or biological weapons.

Israel's claim to the West Bank

Snow: "I do support a balanced policy in the Middle East, which I believe is one in which we have to recognize the Arab concerns as well as those specifically of the Palestine Liberation Organization. I think there are some serious questions as to whether Israel can really lay legitimate claim to the West Bank.

I think that matter must be solved by resolution. There must be a home for Palestine as well as there has been a home for the return of the Jews. We must guarantee the right of Israel to exist, and while we are pro-Jewish in this state, we cannot simply be pro-Israeli and ignore the concerns of the Palestine movement or the concerns of the overall Arab community."

Orton: "One of our strongest allies in the entire world is the state of Israel. It is the only democracy in the Middle East. I believe it is important and critical that we continue to support Israel in the problems with the Palestinian movement. I also, however, strongly support the peace process. I believe, as Israel has stated, that things are negotiable . . . We must insist upon those people who are sitting down at the table with Israel agreeing to eliminate terrorism as an approach and also agreeing to acknowledge the right of the state of Israel to exist."