Brett Vroman and Nate Johnston have become the first two players cut from the Utah Jazz roster. The two players were released following Wednesday night's workout at Westminster College.

Vroman, a 7-foot center, played one year in the NBA and 10 years in Europe before being invited to the Jazz training camp this year. Johnston, a 6-8 forward, was with the Jazz and the Portland Trailblazers for brief stints last season.The cuts brought the preseason roster down to 16 players. Remaining rookies or free agents vying for two openings include Eric Johnson, Andy Toolson, Mark Tillmon, Alan Bannister and Melvin Newbern.

"We just felt it was a situation where we didn't see they'd be able to make the team and we had to get on with our business. We needed to start getting the numbers down to where it's more feasible to work with," said Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan.

On Vroman, Sloan said, "We just did not see that he was going to be able to do the things necessary for our team."

He continued, "They worked hard and did a good job in camp. But we have to see where we are, and it isn't feasible to try to work with 17 and 18 guys during the exhibition season."

Wednesday's session wrapped up two-a-days for the Jazz. They were scheduled to work out Thursday and Friday mornings before departing for the exhibition opener in Chicago, Saturday.