The annual Share the Harvest distributed more than 2,000 vegetable packages to hungry Utahns, according to Utahns Against Hunger's preliminary count.

The event collected produce from local gardens and distributed it to the hungry. Some 250 volunteers at eight sites across the state distributed the packages, enhanced with foods from government and private resources, and information on food assistance programs.Many food pantries held food drives in conjunction with Share the Harvest. Ogden's single site gathered the biggest crowds, and a gung-ho crew scoured northern Utah fields and orchards to feed them.

Local bakeries and grocery stores donated baked goods. Some neighborhoods held special food drives. Farmer Jeff Rasmussen donated several hundred dozen ears of sweet corn his children Mary, Daniel and Amy picked Sunday mornings. About 150 people donated their garden vegetables.

"We were able to reach a lot of people who had not yet heard that Women, Infants and Children funding had been re-established and that their older children might be eligible again," said Steve Johnson, director of Utahns Against Hunger. "They should now reapply."