As Marty Pace remembers it, his father told him when he was 8 years old that it was time for Marty to get a job.

"Because I needed some responsibility," Marty, 10, explained.Faced with Utah's dwindling industrial labor market and a few career limitations caused by his age and size, Marty opted for a paper route. That was nearly three years ago. Now Marty comes home from school every evening to a 58-house paper route.

He folds the papers (his least favorite task) and makes a 45-minute run through his route on his bike - when his bike is working.

"My bike is flat right now," he explained. So his dad is taking him around his route in the family car.

The paper route accomplished Marty's goal of learning responsibility (or was it Marty's father's goal?). "I have to have the papers out on time and I can't miss a house or anything," Marty said. He has even trained his friends on his route so he has a pool of substitutes.

But, it's the cash that keeps Marty going. He puts half of his check in savings and spends the other half, he explained.

Marty is the son of Howard and Barbara Pace, 9193 S. Greenwood Drive, Sandy.

By Marianne Funk