A series of pileups involving 11 cars forced Utah Highway Patrol officials to close northbound I-15 for more than an hour Wednesday afternoon, diverting traffic at 3300 South.

The second and most serious of three separate pileups occurred about 1:30 p.m. near 3000 South as traffic slowed because of an unrelated four-car accident about one mile north.Leola and Frank Gehring, 61 and 67, respectively, were treated and released at Holy Cross Hospital. Several others suffered minor cuts and bruises and were treated at the scene, Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Larry G. Wehrli said.

"They got bumped pretty hard," Wehrli said. "It was just boom, boom, boom."

Wehrli said traffic was delayed because the cars were all over the highway. He said one of the vehicles involved, a pickup truck, was upside down and leaking gasoline.

The pileup started when a cement-water truck, driven by Aldy Vigil, 30, rolled as it was trying to avoid hitting a line of stopped cars on the highway. The impact caused the truck's water tank and trailer to hit a Cadillac, driven by Dorothy Bland.

Wehrli said the accidents occurred in a four-minute period.

Wehrli said Tiffini John who was driving a Suzuki Samurai, and her 6-month-old daughter were unhurt because they were wearing safety belts. "That little one is still alive because her mother had the common sense to put her into the restraint.

"When people are driving, they are not looking far enough ahead to see what's going on, and if an accident occurs ahead of them, they are driving too fast to be able to stop."