Buses, car pools and van pooling can help reduce air pollution along the Wasatch Front, say officials of the Utah Transit Authority and two state agencies.

Officers of the authority, along with the state Energy Office and the Utah Bureau of Air Quality, are urging local residents to get out of their cars during October, which is Energy Awareness and Transportation Month.As part of the month's observance, for three days the Deseret News and UTA sponsored free rides for anyone presenting a copy of the paper upon boarding the bus.

Other efforts to increase public awareness of the hazards of pollution caused by vehicles are:

- "A Darkening Sky," a production by Channel 7, KUED TV, the University of Utah public television station. The show, to be broadcast at 6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 13, points out that as many as half of all Americans live in areas where the air quality is dangerous to their health.

- Officials of the three organizations are distributing posters they have produced, urging more bus ridership and pooling of rides. "Multiply this by 674,840 and you've got problems," says the caption under a photo of a sleek sports car.