A gunman wearing an opaque pink-colored nylon stocking over his head robbed a Payless Shoe Source store Monday of $165.

According to a police report, the man placed the stocking over his head as he entered the store at 2219 Highland Drive and told the clerk to, "Give me the money." He then pulled a sawed-off, single-barrel shotgun from a bag he was carrying and said, "Put all the money in the bag."Witnesses, who hid in a back stockroom when the robber produced the gun, later saw him leave the store running south to Simpson Avenue and then turn east. He was still wearing the stocking on his head, according to the report.

Police later found a pink knee-high stocking believed to belong to the gunman. Police theorize the robber may have ducked into a nearby store while police were checking vehicles, waited, and then escaped later, discarding the stocking.