In addition to looking nice in a dress, what's the most crucial thing about portraying Milton Berle? "You've got to be very hammy," Berle told the New York Daily News. Berle is helping producer Robert Blume look for someone to play him in an upcoming musical about his life. "You're going to need a mixture," Berle says. "Someone who's a straight actor, a comedian, a comic. There's a difference, you know. A comic is a guy who says funny things; a comedian is a guy who says things funny." The play tentatively is titled "Milton and Me" (the "me" is Berle's mother) and will concentrate on his life at the ages of 5, 17 and 35. "It'll be a musical, and it'll be funny," Berle said. "There will be conflict and love and trials and tribulations, but it will all work out fine in the end."