Zebras, buffaloes and now a python.

All are being kept as pets by upstate New Yorkers with an interest in exotic wildlife.All have escaped in the past month.

Some are still on the loose.

An escaped 13-foot python named Arrow is only the most recent case.

The 7-year-old, 60-pound reptile has been surreptitiously slithering around Syracuse since owner Thomas Thornton set it down in some tall grass to play.

Syracuse police, naturally, advise anyone coming into contact with the snake to maintain a safe distance.

Pythons do bite, although this one, according to its owner, never has.

Thornton said the python eats one live rabbit a week, but he's afraid his pet will die in the wild since it's never had to catch any of its own food.

Doing a better job thriving in the wild are two $15,000 pet zebras who have been on the lam for more than a month.

The two 11-month old zebras, owned by Paul and Kathy Brody, broke a fence in early September and have been running around the Catskill Mountain forests ever since.

One was spotted Monday in the village of Jewett, some 5 miles from the Brody home in Prattsville.