While Louise Miyatake was standing on the front porch of her Rose Park home, a hysterical Teri Lin Goddard ran up to her screaming with a knife in her hand.

"I stabbed him! I think he's dead!" Goddard yelled to the police dispatcher after her neighbor handed her the telephone."Come here please. . . . I think he just died on me!"

A tape recording of the June 2 phone call hushed the 3rd District courtroom Tuesday, the first day of testimony in Goddard's second-degree murder trial. Just as they had done when the tape was played during a preliminary hearing in July, courtroom spectators broke into tears.

Goddard, 36, also wiped away tears as she relived the phone call that was placed just moments after her live-in boyfriend, Derek G. Hall, 33, was stabbed to death inside their home at 1235 Lafayette Drive.

About 12:45 a.m. that morning, Miyatake was awakened by pounding on her front door. When she opened the door, Goddard's 7-year-old son was standing on her porch, dressed only in underwear.

"I asked what he wanted and he said to call the police," she testified.

Miyatake called 911 and had been speaking with dispatcher Tom Flolks for only a short time when Goddard ran up to her front door, yelling.

"She said I didn't call them (the police) soon enough, and I told her they were on their way," Miyatake said. "She said something about someone not being able to move."

As Goddard wailed to the dispatcher, she held a 4-inch fishing knife in her hand, making chopping motions as she spoke, the witness said.

Under cross-examination by defense attorney Brooke Wells, Miyatake said she did not feel Goddard was going to hurt her with the weapon. Wells asked the witness if Goddard wasn't "hysterical" and desperately searching for someone to come to her boyfriend's aid.

"She asked the police to come, didn't she? And she was asking for them to help Derek, is that right?" Wells said.

"Yes," replied Miyatake.

Another neighbor testified that she heard Goddard threaten to kill Hall as he drove by their home in a pickup truck six hours before the homicide.

"I heard Teri screaming, `Don't you come back here. I'll kill you. Stay the hell away from me,' " said Christine Grogan.

Grogan also testified she called 911 after she heard Goddard pounding on two of her neighbors' doors and yelling. "She's screaming her head off, `Call the cops! I killed someone!' " Grogan said during the recorded phone call that was also played back to the four-man, four-woman jury.

But Grogan admitted that she did not tell authorities about Goddard's earlier threat until just last week, after Frank Gutierrez told her that Hall was inside the truck that drove by Goddard's house.

Gutierrez told the jury that Goddard and Hall had both been at his house that evening. He said Hall left immediately after Goddard "flirted with me jokingly." He said he later asked an angry Goddard to leave after she began to fight with two other women.

Gutierrez testified that Goddard ran into his house later that night and was carrying a knife. "She was scared and the only thing I heard was `I think he's dead,' and I told her to get out of here with that knife," he said.