The president of a Yorba Linda, Calif., pornographic mail order business pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts involving violation of federal obscenity statutes.

LeJay Winkler, doing business as Universal Products, was the first major figure among a score of targets nationally indicted in a recent federal pornography investigation.Winkler pleaded guilty to mailing an advertisement containing sexually oriented material to a Sandy woman after she had filed a form with postal authorities that was supposed to ensure that no such material was sent to her.

Asst. U.S. Attorney Richard N. W. Lambert said the woman had received a similar advertisement from Winkler's company earlier, prompting her to put her name on the list. Mailing of sexually oriented material that is not in itself obscene is not illegal unless the person has requested not to receive it.

After that incident, a postal inspector obtained a post office box and ordered material from Winkler which was legally obscene. The mailing of a video, called "Black Workout Two," and three magazines was the basis for the second charge.

Winkler's lawyer, Herschel Bullen, said he had not looked at the video, but the magazines "appear to be patently offensive and hard core obscenity."

Lambert said the video had almost no story line and was a succession of homosexual acts.

U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Greene accepted the guilty pleas and set sentencing for Sept. 14 at 8:30 a.m.

Lambert described Winkler's business as practically "a one man organization; he's involved some of his family members in it."

Winkler told Greene that he has received letters from members of the public thanking him for helping save their marriages.

An employee of Winkler's pleaded guilty Monday in Florida to a charge as part of a complex interstate plea arrangement. As part of the agreement, officials will not charge Winkler with further counts in Utah and will not recommend prison for more than one of the Utah charges, Lambert said.

After the plea, Lambert told reporters that Winkler's company was the focus of a large numbers of complaints nationwide.