A group of Salt Lake area residents are organizing a "Say Yes To Life" day from noon to dark Aug. 14 at Jordan Park, hoping to attract a host of people of all ages, races and religions who will affirm their potential for health, peace, love, freedom, prosperity and creativity.

Ruth Hoppe, an occupational analyst with the Utah Job Service and one of the organizers of the activity, says most people have said no to conditions they don't want, such as war, poverty and disease. "Now we say yes to what we do want and to who we really are."Instead of focusing on the negative, we turn our energy and attention to the positive, constructive tendencies in our individual lives," Hoppe said.

"We have chosen Jordan Park because of its location at the International Peace Gardens, where peace-loving people of many nations have created their expressions of world peace and harmony."

She said people are being asked to walk to the park from four directions and, if possible, to bring a can of food to be distributed to the needy at the Crossroads Urban Center. Walks will begin at each of the following locations with registration a half hour before the walks start: Riverside Park, 3.2 miles, 9:30 a.m.; Murray Park, 8 miles, 8 a.m.; Sunnyside Park, 4.3 miles, 9 a.m.; and Glendale Park, 1.6 miles, 10 a.m.

Throughout the afternoon at Jordan Park, participants will have an opportunity to meditate, sing, dance, pray and play together, Hoppe said.

For more information, contact Hoppe at 484-5558 or Ruth Betts, at 975-1903.