City officials have joined a growing list of south-central Utah's larger cities in adopting an ordinance providing for all-terrain-vehicle travel on the streets to accommodate riders of the new 200-mile Paiute ATV Trail.

Specific streets have been designated by the City Council on which ATV riders can get access to motels, restaurants, service stations and other services. The council approved erecting signs designating approved routes.The ordinance requires off-highway vehicles to be operated in accordance with state, county and city laws and regulations. It limits speed to a maximum of 15 mph and restricts travel to near the edge of paved roads. Youngsters 8 to 13 years of age who drive off-road vehicles on the streets must be accompanied by an adult.

Streets designated for ATV use on north and south routes through the city are 100 East, Center Street through 500 South, the Creek Trail from 400 to 600 North, 100 West from 400 North to 400 South, and 200 West from 400 to 500 South. East-west routes include 500 North and Creek Trail east, Creek Trail and 400 North to 100 West, 100 South and 100 East to 100 West, 400 South from 100 East to 200 West, and 500 South eastward from 100 East.

The ATV trail winds through scenic high mountains on relatively good dirt roads in and adjacent to Sevier, Piute, Garfield and Millard counties. It has been marked with signs by the U.S. Forest Service.

The trail is becoming so popular that county, city and chamber of commerce officials says it is increasingly important to the economy of the area.