The federally funded Head Start program is opening a new preschool center in Richfield to serve youngsters who were 4 years old by Sept. 1. A home-based program is also in operation.

Although the center is designed primarily for youngsters of low-income families, children with special needs who are from families not considered to be low income will also be served, according to Patty Jones, Sevier County coordinator who will teach at the center.Youngsters will attend the center four hours a day for four days each week. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Children will also receive pre-dental and medical services.

Jones said there are a number of vacancies for children in Richfield. All spots for children from other communities have been filled, but waiting lists are being retained.

Those who want applications to enter children in the home-based program and live in Monroe, Elsinore, Joseph, Sevier, Central or Annabella may contact Nancy Dexter at 527-4387. Those living in Venice, Sigurd, Glenwood, Aurora, Salina or Redmond may contact Gloria Johnson at 896-4802.

Parents who want more information about either program or who live in Richfield may call Jones at 527-3709.