About 400 Americans and foreign-born family members have signed up for another U.S. government-chartered evacuation flight from Iraq on Wednesday.

The State Department said Tuesday the flight is scheduled to arrive in Raleigh-Durham airport in North Carolina on Thursday after an overnight stop in London. Most of the passengers are in Kuwait and will be transported to the airport in the Iraqi city of Basra for the flight.The flight is the first of its kind since Sept. 22. As before, the Americans on board will be limited to women and children and Americans of Arab ancestry. Previous evacuation flights have transported about 1,900 Americans out of Iraq and Kuwait.

The most recent State Department estimates indicate there are more than 900 Americans stranded in Kuwait and more than 300 in Iraq.

Department spokeswoman Margaret Tutwiler said three more American men have been detained by Iraqi authorities, bringing the total to 104. Americans still not in detention are subject to house-to-house searches.

Tutwiler said the Iraqis have not provided U.S. officials with a list of the Americans that they have detained.

They also have refused to evacuate any of 69 Americans in need of medical attention, she said.