Don't have a cow, man! But if you want to be Bart Simpson for Halloween, you're too late!

With just a few weeks left until Halloween, Wendy Middleton, assistant manager at Taylor Maid Costumes, 125 N. University Ave., says business is booming."It's been kind of slow, but as we have gotten closer to Halloween our business has picked up speed," she said.

Taylor Maid offers more than 1,000 different costumes to choose from, but, Middleton warns, the Simpson family costumes already are reserved for this season. And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are doing well, too.

"We are still getting some good stuff in the store, but they are going fast," Middleton said.

If animals or cartoon characters aren't your cup of tea, Middleton says, there are many other fun and scary costumes. Some even come with detachable body parts - so you can imitate mutilation scenes from your favorite horror movie.

"We have been working 14 hours a day helping people find costumes, wigs and accessories," she said. "We also are offering novelty shoes like vinyl go-go boots, false teeth and noses. If we don't have it, we can probably find it."

If you're having a tough time deciding on what to be for the big office party or for traversing the neighborhood with your children, the folks at Taylor Maid Costume have a few suggestions.

"We have a great '60s selection, giant Valentines, a Hershey's Chocolate Kiss, Crayola Crayons, Genie costumes and Shirley Temple dresses," Middleton said.

If you want a do-it-yourself costume and/or mask, Taylor Maid has a large supply of latex masks and makeup to do the job.

Many adults are looking for more "fashionable costumes," too. Southern belle dresses are at a premium; complete Rhett Butler outfits, World War I doughboy uniforms and Civil War regalia also are favorite requests.

However, Middleton said, adults also will be wearing the latest Jim and Tammy Faye Baker masks as well as masks resembling Moammar Gadhafi, Yasser Arafat, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. The newest mask in the store is a replica of Eddie Murphy.

If you want the more repulsive slasher-type costumes, Taylor Maid offers a variety of dismembered appendages, including a new line of stage makeup called "Thick Scabs."

Makeup consultations and hair designs are also available at the store. Costume rental in most cases is $15 for use overnight. Some animal costumes and other vintage costumes (some are 30 or 40 years old) run a bit higher. If you're planning on being Batman for Halloween, the extravagant apparel rents for $45 a night.

For further information call 377-0765.