When school lets out in the afternoon, the three O'Neal kids head for home and then go their separate ways - all three covering different routes as they deliver that day's Deseret News.

The three, Penny, 12; Sean-Paul, 11; and Neal, 9, spend a half hour folding and then an hour delivering the newspapers on three routes around their home in the neighborhood of 600 North and 900 West in Salt Lake City.Their mother, Lois O'Neal, is enthusiastic about their work and the values the three carriers are learning from it.

"It's a good thing. It teaches them how to earn, how to save, and how to spend their money," she said. Each child puts at least 5 percent of his earnings into a savings account, which Lois O'Neal said is teaching them how to deal with a bank.

"It teaches them the value of being on time, of committing to doing something every day. Those are all important things," said Lois O'Neal. "As a parent, I think this is a good way for the children to learn these values.'

Sean-Paul was the first in the family to get a delivery route, taking on the responsibility because he wanted to earn some extra money in a more consistent way than mowing lawns or doing other odd jobs.

When his older sister and younger brother saw the advantages, they, too, picked up routes around their neighborhood as they came open, their mother said.