Two congressional candidates complained Tuesday over Congress's budget crisis.

Republican Genevieve Atwood, running for Democrat Wayne Owens' seat, says members of Congress had no business giving themselves a $35,000-a-year pay raise. Owens voted for the raise, but opted to give it away in scholarships this year. Saying a congressman should stand for re-election before accepting a raise, he will accept the raise next year, if elected.Democrat Bill Orton, who is running in the 3rd Congressional District, said partisan politics in Congress is a big part of the problem. "We need real statesmen, with a vision of the future and the courage to find solutions which may even be subject to political criticism."

Atwood has started running a radio spot, which says, "The breakdown in the congressional budgeting process seriously threatens our national economy and undermines America's faith in its government. It's not that we're taxed too low; Congress spends too much. Congress has promised too much to too many for too long and the bills to the taxpayers are now coming due. It's time for a change, it's time to govern."

Orton criticized his GOP opponent, Karl Snow, for saying he'd rather have Gramm-Rudman's tough cuts in programs than the package rejected by the U.S. House last week.

Orton said he objects to parts of the package, but it is much better than shutting down the federal government.

He has a detailed package of reforms that he proposes, including a balanced budget amendment, tax reform, elimination of "pork barrel" spending by repealing the 1974 Budget Reform Act, and line-item vetoes by the president.