City councilmen approved the annexation Tuesday night of 107 acres between their city and West Bountiful, despite a plea from West Bountiful Mayor Jerry Thompson that the annexation not occur.

Then they discussed annexing West Bountiful into Woods Cross.Thompson came to a Woods Cross council meeting a few months ago to ask Woods Cross not to annex any land north of Fifth South, asking that Fifth South remain a boundary between the two cities.

The newly annexed land extends from Redwood Road east to almost 11th West and from Fifth South north 1,283 feet. It includes 78 landowners and property with an assessed valuation of approximately $2.5 million.

Woods Cross Mayor Ralph T. Argyle said only three landowners did not sign a petition to annex to his city and those three, he said, "won't protest the annexation."

Most of the 107 acres is farmland or undeveloped lots, and the area offers a great potential for future business and residential development.

City Manager Bret Wahlen told the City Council a citizens group from West Bountiful has approached him about annexing into Woods Cross. Wahlen said the group, represented by Don Curtis of West Bountiful, is unhappy about a recent decision by the West Bountiful City Council to set up a franchise tax in that city. "They are also unhappy that West Bountiful is not developing its potential for business and industry in order to increase tax revenue."

Woods Cross councilmen discussed annexing land north of the latest annexation, clear to Fourth North, the present border of West Bountiful.

"If you are going that far into the area you might as well annex all of West Bountiful into Woods Cross," Mayor Argyle told the City Council.

Councilmen discussed the possibility of annexing West Bountiful into Woods Cross, but decided it is too big an issue to consider at the present time.

Argyle said he does not believe the citizens group from West Bountiful is really serious about leaving the city. "They are just upset about the franchise tax. If they ever do get serious, though, I would certainly consider annexing them into our city."

Woods Cross attorney, Keith Stahle, told the council West Bountiful residents would have to petition the 2nd District Court in Farmington if they really want to de-annex - "before they can consider being annexed into Woods Cross."