The Big East Conference is waiting for the University of Miami to RSVP.

School officials on Monday received a formal invitation to become the league's 10th member, and the university's 55-member board of trustees will decide Wednesday whether to accept."I know Miami is being fair and open-minded in considering this offer," Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese said. "I shall be extremely disappointed if it does not work out, but I have no guarantees."

Miami athletic director Sam Jankovich and president Edward Foote declined to predict whether their board will vote to join the conference.

If the invitation is accepted, the role of Miami's juggernaut football program in the Big East would be decided later, Jankovich said. Boston College, Pittsburgh and Syracuse are the only Big East schools that play major college football, and they're independent in that sport.

As a Big East member, Miami might remain independent in football, at least for the time being. There has also been talk of the Big East adding other football schools, or of the league aligning with the Southwest Conference or Atlantic Coast Conference in football only.

The Big East's invitation was announced at a news conference following a meeting of officials from the university and the league. Approval of the invitation by the board of trustees would require a simple majority.

Foote and Jankovich declined to say what they will recommend to the board.