A San Diego native who started a company in his Evanston, Wyo., basement is establishing a technology center in Trolley Corners so he can take advantage of the high technology available in the Salt Lake Valley and the University of Utah.

Michael Ehman, president of Ehman Inc., producing Macintosh personal computer peripherals since it was established in 1985, says he will hire between five and 10 professionals for the new office. He is recruiting for some of the positions.Ehman's product line, produced by the 120 employees in Evanston, consists of external and internal hard drives, removable drives, big screen monitors, keyboards and floppy drives. At the technology center, emphasis will be placed on a laser printer, mass storage systems and monitors.

Ehman wants to tap the expertise at the U., which has 6,000 Macintosh computers and people with specialized skills he needs. Ehman will retain his production effort in Evanston because the quality of life and the low cost of doing business make it east to recruit employees.

With five initial employees, Ehman has guided the company to $16 million in sales in 1989 and expects $40 million this year.

The company's first products were memory upgrades for 128K Macintoshes. Then came an 800K floppy drive, which was Ehman's primary product until 1988. Ehman's sales really escalated in 1989 with the low cost "under the Mac" hard drive.