These days, American consumers are saving much more than nickels and dimes with an old supermarket staple - the cents-off coupon. In fact, cents-off couponing is adding up to big bucks for today's consumer.

Coupon-using familes save eight percent on their weekly grocery bills with cents-off coupons. With the average face value of redeemed coupons close to 44 cents, this translates into hundreds of dollars in yearly savings. With double couponing, where the retailer matches the face value of the manufacturer's coupon, some consumers save up to $1,000 a year on grocery bills. More than ever, cents-offs coupons add up to dollars and sense for the American consumer.Almost 80 percent of manufacturer's cent-off coupons are distributed through free-standing inserts in the nation's Sunday newpapers. This means that a consumer can pull more than $40 worth of cents-off coupons from just one source - the newspaper.

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