Campbell's kids are smiling over a new soup on the shelf: cream of broccoli. A 10.75-ounce can retails for about 68 cents.

Kay Hadley: "Cream of broccoli is one of our family's very favorite soups. But I can't say anyone was wild over Campbell's cream of broccoli soup. I found it to be tolerable, but my biggest complaint is that the broccoli has been cooked to the point of being mushy. We'll opt for homemade soup over this one."Don Russell: "Campbell's has quietly come out with a new soup! We put the contents of our broccoli soup over a batch of roasted chicken breasts. We were pleased with the results. The soup's mild flavor smacked of broccoli and made a good sauce. As the label says, I would recommend preparing this soup with milk rather than water."

Doris Wilding: "We had used this before and my kids love it. It's a keeper!"

Judy Slack: "This is not exactly like what you'd find in a soup and salad bar, but it is good. This is something I will definitely buy again."

Edyth Jensen: "This has a pretty good flavor just to eat as soup. Add a little cheese, or pour it over some chicken and simmer for a while. It could be used in several different ways. It runs about the same in cost as most other creamed soups."

Linda C. Tingey: "This was good - very rich and creamy. This may be one that adults care for more than children."

Conclusion: While not entirely unanimous, our panel thought this a tasty soup that can also be used as a sauce in cooking.

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