It's two down and one to go for the State Board of Regents.

With the appointment Monday night of the new Salt Lake Community College president, Frank W. Budd, the regents have only one top higher-education slot left to fill - the replacement of University of Utah President Chase N. Peterson, who will retire June 30.In the summer, the regents named a new president for Weber State College, selecting Paul H. Thompson to succeed Stephen Nadauld.

Within a few short months, three of Utah's nine colleges had vacancies or an impending one for their top jobs. Commissioner of Higher Education Wm. Rolfe Kerr said he doesn't believe the regents have ever faced that situation before.

All along, the regents said that they wouldn't begin the search for Peterson's replacement until the SLCC post was filled.

A successor to SLCC President O.D. Carnahan, who retired June 30, had been expected in early September, but Kerr said the strength of the 11 SLCC semifinalists delayed the process because more detailed screenings were required.

With the SLCC appointment made, the regents will now turn to the U. Kerr said a search committee should be appointed by the end of October. Regent Ian Cumming will head the committee, which will include 20 members. It will be comprised of four faculty representatives, one academic dean, staff members, U. Institutional Council members and community representatives.

The commissioner said he hopes that the new U. president can take office next July, with an appointment coming in the spring so there can be a smooth transition between presidents.