Four Salt Lake area teenagers killed in a head-on collision in southwest Wyoming Sunday, were en route to Jackson Hole as part of a family excursion.

The fiery crash took the lives of brothers Tobin J. Kearl, 17, and Roe (Trent) Kearl, 18, Sandy, along with Jeremy Allen, 18, and Lisa Warren, 18, both of Draper.The Wyoming Highway Patrol said the vehicle carrying the Utah youths was northbound on U.S. 89 near Smoot when the car apparently veered into the southbound lane and collided with a gasoline tanker truck driven by Daniel H. Bennett of Rock Springs.

Tobin Kearl was driving when the accident occurred at about 11:38 a.m., according to a family member. Bennett's truck was empty at the time, but both vehicles burst into flame. Bennett was able to escape with only minor injuries, according to a Wyoming Highway Patrol spokesman in Afton.

The youths were in a car behind other Kearl family members and were en route from Bear Lake to Jackson Hole, a family member said Monday. Family members in the first car pulled over to wait for the youths when they noticed the car was not behind them. After 10 minutes they retraced their route and found that the youths had been involved in the accident.

WHP officials say the investigation is continuing. No cause for the accident has been determined.