Space for the University of Utah's new bone-marrow transplant program heads the list of six remodeling projects approved Monday by the University of Utah Institutional Council.

The council, the U.'s governing body, agreed to the six projects totaling $832,500.Leonard Romney, assistant vice president for administrative services, said that with the council's approval the U., in conjunction with the State Division of Facilities, Construction and Management, will design, bid and award contracts for the projects.

Here are the projects and their amounts:

- Bone-marrow transplant program - The $450,000 U. Medical Center remodeling project will provide a new outpatient treatment area, patient rooms, special sterile procedure rooms and required support areas. Funding will come from hospital renewal and replacement money.

- Newborn Intensive Care Unit - The $196,000 project, to be funded through hospital replacement and renewal money, upgrades the unit and improves efficiency.

- College of Law - The $77,000 project, to be funded through U. remodeling dollars, remodels space in the publications room to provide additional offices for faculty and staff.

- Department of civil engineering - The $39,800 project will relocate the wind tunnel and build a new fluid-mechanics research laboratory.

- Department of human development and aging - The $37,000 project calls for the remodeling of office and storage space into laboratory and equipment rooms to accommodate new medical staff.

- Department of political science - The $32,700 project in Orson Spencer Hall will involve remodeling a large room into four faculty offices.