Lover's Lane is the center of a quarrel among owners of property along the old country road in Provo.

Recently, George and Leslie Nelson purchased two lots in the Canyon Cove subdivision that are bisected by Lover's Lane. The Nelsons placed open gates at both ends of their property, across Lover's Lane, and eventually plan to close the road through their property.That has raised the ire of some property owners who regularly use the road to access lower parts of their property. Other residents with property near the lane support the Nelsons' intention to close the road.The gravel road runs from about 280 East and 3700 North to 4200 North. It was once part of the pioneer route from the Heber Valley to the southern part of Utah Valley.

Friday in Utah County's 4th District Court, attorney M. Dayle Jeffs filed a complaint against the Nelsons to prevent them from closing off Lover's Lane. Jeffs acted in behalf of eight of the owners of property along the lane.

Some of the plaintiffs live on the top of the bench above Lover's Lane, but their land extends down the steep slope to the lane. They want the lane to remain a through road, partly to provide easy access to horses stabled on the lower end of their property along Lover's Lane.

In addition to access, property owners opposed to closure of the road said the lane should remain open for emergency access and recreational uses.

Nelson tried to meet with the unhappy property owners but was told he was not welcome at a meeting they held to discuss the issue and that the group was unwilling to compromise.

"What I would like to see is some way that everyone can fully enjoy their property," said Nelson, a theater professor at Brigham Young University. "What I hope to be able to do is to come up with some kind of compromise. My contention is `Do you really need to cross my property to give yourself the access you need?' "

Russ Evans, one of the plaintiffs, said Lover's Lane needs to remain open so vehicles can drive through, rather than have to turn around or back out of the narrow lane. He said he often has a trailer behind his truck that would be difficult to turn.

Several homeowners gave the Provo City Council a petition last week, asking them to keep the road open.

Stan Roberts, who opposes closing off the lane, said in an affidavit filed Friday, "I am 90 years old and have personally used the roadway known as Lover's Lane on a daily basis since 1903."

Other nearby residents find the road an inconvenience. Von Boshard, who lives near the lane, said, "I don't see any reason why Lover's Lane can't be closed. I know a lot of neighbors here who would like to see the road closed."