The Girl Scouts are looking for volunteer troop leaders and assistant troop leaders in the Utah County area, as well as volunteers for various management positions.

Sharon Muir, field director of the Utah Girl Scout Council, said volunteers are needed who will help the girls succeed."The girls need role models who will help them develop values, discover the world around them and become happy and resourceful individuals," she said.

In Utah County, about 1,500 girls are currently involved with Girl Scouts. Many more would like to be part of the program but can't because of a lack of adult volunteers.

Training will be provided for people interested in volunteering. Training hours are flexible - training can be done on days, evenings or weekends. Troop leaders and assistant leaders will be assigned to work with a troop in the city in which they live. In fact, most troop leaders work with girls who live in their own neighborhood.

Troop leaders and assistant troop leaders are required to hold troop meetings on a regular schedule, but not necessarily weekly.

Volunteers must be able to commit to work with a troop on a long-term basis so they can establish an ongoing relationship with the girls.

Girl Scouts also needs volunteers to serve in management positions, including recruitment, public relations, service unit manager and fund raising.

Other volunteer opportunities include:

- Highland Elementary in American Fork and Scera Park Elementary in Orem need volunteers to help children with various school subjects in the resource rooms once a week.

- New Outlook, an agency that provides creative arts therapy to home-bound individuals, is looking for volunteers to teach music, drawing, painting and other art classes. Artistic ability is required. Hours are flexible according to the needs of the client. Musical groups for in-house miniconcerts are also needed.

For more information about these volunteer opportunities, contact the United Way Volunteer Center at 374-8108.