The Western Institute of Neuropsychiatry has announced its 1990-91 grand rounds schedule. All presentations will be held at the institute, 501 Chipeta Way, at 12:30 p.m. They are open to the public.

The seminars include:- Oct. 9, "Alzheimer-type Dementia: a Ten-Year Video Case Study," Dr. Lincoln D. Clark, professor of psychiatry and pharmacology, University of Utah Medical Center.

- Nov. 20, "Children's Statements in Sex Abuse Cases," David Raskin, U. professor of psychology.

- Dec. 4, "Recent Discoveries From the PET Scan Lab," Dr. Paul Andreason, Brain Research Unit, National Institute of Mental Health.

- Jan. 22, "Psychosomatic Illness in Children and Adolescents," Dr. Hans Steiner, chief of child psychiatry, Stanford University.

- Feb. 26, "Treatment of Refractory Depressions," Dr. Lee S. Cohen, Harvard Medical School.

- March 26, "Nicotine Dependence," Dr. Allan Adler, Alvarado Parkway Institute, San Diego, Calif.

- April 23, "Skinheads and Neo-Nazis," Detective Henry Beltran, Salt Lake Country sheriff's office.