Deseret News carrier Kathy Thurston, Bountiful, says she feels delivering the newspaper to her 40 customers every day is an important part of the newspaper's information service.

"It wouldn't do for all the reporters, photographers and printers to work hard producing the Deseret News if it didn't get to the subscribers. It's a fun job and it only takes a half hour."My kids go with me, and the older ones help me. I drive a car and stop at each of my subscribers' homes."

Thurston, who lives at 333 W. 3100 South, grew up a block away. "I know everybody in the neighborhood," she said.

She and her husband, Curtis, a truck driver, have three children, Jed, 6; Jessica, 5, and Codi, 4. "The children look forward to getting the papers every day and like to help me fold them. They wouldn't miss going with me on my route."

What does she do with the money she earns delivering the Deseret News? "I buy clothes and treats for my kids. That's another reason they like the Deseret News," she said, smiling.