The Charlotte Hornets have no interest in acquiring either Darryl Dawkins or 7-foot Utah Jazz center Melvin Turpin, said an official of the NBA team.

Jazz general manager David Checketts contacted the Hornets about a possible trade, but the expansion franchise says Turpin is not being considered for the team."They did call us about Turpin, but I don't like him," Carl Scheer, vice president and general manager of the Hornets, told The Gastonia Gazette. "Number 1, the contract is outrageous and his weight is a big problem."

"There is no way we would ever want to get Melvin Turpin," said Gene Littles, the Hornets' director of player personnel. "He is not even considered. He never works and he will never play. I have no interest in him whatsoever. I fined him $60,000 one year in Cleveland."