The secretary-treasurer of the Utah Building and Construction Trade Council wants to know why Utah contractors and Utah workers aren't working on Larry H. Miller's new Utah Jazz Arena.

Steve Richins has been circulating information at union functions and plans to pay for a quarter-page advertisement in the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune to ask why Utah contractors and Utah construction workers aren't employed at the new arena."Why, after removing local contractors and workers from the construction of the new sports arena, were those workers replaced with out-of-state workers and contractors?" his leaflet asks.

It also asks, "Why, does the builder of the new arena think that we, as the working men and women of the state, paying state and local taxes, buying cars, homes and services, supporting the economy of the cities, counties and state, will buy tickets to support the arena, if Utah workers are not employed on the construction?"

Richins said it can't be because of the wages paid since they are comparable to union wages. It can't be because of productivity because Utah construction workers are some of the best skilled and productive workers in the industry, he said.

The leaflet gives Jazz owner Miller's telephone number and encourages people to call him and ask why Utah people aren't being utilized.