The duo of Roy Fackrell, 14, and his grandmother, Audrey Fackrell, 66, may be one of the few grandson-grandmother newspaper delivery teams in Utah and possibly the nation.

The Fackrells, who have three Deseret News routes in the Rose Park area of Salt Lake City, enjoy their work, and their customers seem to like them.The carriers, who take their papers in a car but walk much of the routes, put the newspapers on the porch of each subscriber. With the routes being some distance apart, having a car comes in handy, particularly during inclement weather.

Having carriers who are concerned about providing good, dependable service has got to be a plus during International Newspaper Carrier Week, which began Sunday, or at any other time.

Karen Larsen, a Newspaper Agency Corp. district circulation manager, says Roy and his grandmother are exceptional carriers.

"Customers appreciate getting their paper on the porch. We get a lot of tips. (Many of the customers are older people.) Putting the paper where they can find it and where it is kept dry is important," said Roy, who started delivering papers nearly a year ago.

"It's lots of fun and we get to meet a lot of people. It gives me something to do after school . . . ," said the youth, a ninth-grader at West High School.

Audrey Fackrell said she began helping her grandson on the paper routes as a safety factor and because the weather was very cold at times. He has to cross busy 900 West, she said.

"We enjoy talking to each other while delivering the papers. And I really enjoy it because I need the exercise. I hate to walk without a reason. I would much rather deliver papers."

Roy Fackrell said delivering papers with his grandmother gives them a "chance to talk with each other, to tell each other our problems."