The yuppie nightmare "Pacific Heights" debuted in first place at the nation's movie theaters, but the sequel "Texasville" didn't strike oil at the weekend box office.

According to figures released Monday by Exhibitor Relations Co., "Pacific Heights" grossed $6.9 million last weekend. The film stars Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith as San Francisco landlords with a rent-withholding tenant (Michael Keaton).No. 2 was director Martin Scorsese's mob drama "GoodFellas," which slipped just 6 percent to $5.9 million in its second week of release.

Here are the top movie ticket sales for Friday through Sunday as tallied by Exhibitor Relations. Figures are based on a combination of actual box-office receipts and studio projections where actual figures are not immediately available.

1. "Pacific Heights," $6.9 million weekend gross, ($6.9 million total gross, one week in release).

2. "GoodFellas," $5.9 million, ($14.9 million, two weeks).

3. "Ghost," $5.4 million, ($155.3 million, 12 weeks).

4. "Postcards From the Edge," $4.1 million, ($23.2 million, three weeks).

5. "Narrow Margin," $2 million, ($6.6 million, two weeks).

6. "I Come in Peace," $1.91 million, ($1.91 million, one week).

7. "Death Warrant," $1.88 million, ($11.8 million, three weeks).

8. "Flatliners," $1.7 million, ($53.7 million, eight weeks).

9. "Funny About Love," $1.6 million, ($5.3 million, two weeks).

10. "Presumed Innocent," $1.4 million, ($80.6 million, 10 weeks).