MTV - sort of - is scheduled to hit Skyline High School soon.

"Recycle This!" a nationwide theatrical production about recycling that is billed as being capable of capturing the imagination of "the MTV generation," is scheduled to entertain students in a performance at Skyline, starting 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 9.But instead of punk rockers mouthing questionable lyrics while gyrating through some surreal setting, Skyline's students will see music, humor and videos about recycling. The show visited high schools in 23 cities this past spring, and heading to 30 during the fall.

The program starts with a 10-minute video with clips by rap star MC Hammer and rocker Paula Abdul interspersed with news items that introduce the solid-waste problem. Then the on-stage scene places the cast in a landfill surrounded by garbage.

The show continues with "the Plastic Rap" and skits. The closing scene includes "Dr. Jimmy Jam, the king of recycled rock 'n' roll," singing an environmental version of the classic "Shout."

Students will be tested on their conservation awareness in a game of "environmental Jeopardy." Angee Linsey, spokeswoman for Dow Chemical Co. of Midland, Mich., the tour's sponsor, said, "Contestants have trash dumped on them if they give a wrong answer."

The performance at Skyline is sponsored by Huntsman Chemical Corp., Salt Lake City.