The Deseret News is bringing back its popular 8-by-101/2-inch TV Week, a size we call a quarterfold format. It's bound sturdily and designed to stay on your TV set for the whole week without falling apart.

That's the first change you'll find in the TV Week. Inside are other significant improvements. The popular program grids, which allow readers to see at a glance which programs are playing on 33 channels, have been improved. More stations are listed, and the grids will now cover the entire day instead of just prime-time programming.The improved TV Week also contains lists of every movie scheduled during the week, whether on cable or commercial TV. Each movie is described and rated. Special programs are highlighted, including a separate listing for sports events during the week.

In short, it should be an easily read package of information to help you make informed viewing choices.

This is only one of the major changes we have made in the Sunday newspaper. Two other noticeable decisions were made a few weeks ago to save on printing and production costs.

We consolidated our Sports section and the Money business section. The popular Money features begin at about the middle of the new section.

We also consolidated the Spectra and Travel sections into a new section, called "People and Places." Travel features and features such as Dear Abby, recipes, fashion and bridal announcements are found in this section.