The Energy Department alone will cut its budget by $40,000 now that the City Council has officially added two new positions to the city's Occupational Index.

The council passed an ordinance Tuesday amending the index to create positions for a power operations supervisor and an economic development director.George Morse, power supply manager for Provo City, said other employees have been paid overtime to supervise plant operations. By hiring someone full time, the budget can be cut.

Both the power operations supervisor and economic development director positions have been budgeted for this year, but were not officially a part of the index until Tuesday's council meeting.

"The economic development director has been a contract position in the past. The director will now be on the index, but the pay level will remain the same as offered under the contract.

The power operations supervisor will be responsible for the operations and control portion of Provo's power plant. He will supervise 10 people.

Morse said the position was done away with when the plant closed in 1974 and never brought back when it reopened several years later.

"I tried to handle it myself when I came on board but it was impossible," he said.