John Elway says there is no need to panic.

The Denver Broncos, 2-2, simply have to stop making mistakes."We've got two, three, four plays a game that are absolutely killing us. Once we eliminate them, we'll be fine," Elway said Monday.

Denver blew a 21-9 lead at Buffalo on Sunday to lose 29-28. The game turned on a 77-second period during which Buffalo scored 20 points on a blocked field goal attempt, an intercepted pass and a fumble recovery that led to a touchdown on the next play.

"I don't feel good about it, but I'm not going to stand here and beat my head against the pole over things that should have been and the way it should have turned out," Elway said. "I look back on my career and games we've been totally dominated and still won. I've been on both sides, and they always tend to equal out."

Coach Dan Reeves has his own theory about why Denver is 2-2.

"We really haven't had the killer instinct," he said Monday. "We haven't knocked people out and really put them away. We've got to get that. We've got to be hungrier."

The Broncos have been ahead in each of their four games, but have blown the lead in each - spectacularly in Buffalo.

Denver dominated the Bills. The Broncos outgained the Bills 410 yards to 197 yards. They held Thurman Thomas, who had rushed for 214 yards the week before, to 36 yards.

But they lost.

"We felt we'd be in real good shape if we'd have won the Buffalo game, but we didn't think we'd have been in bad shape if we lost it," said Elway. "The next two games will be against teams we should beat (Cleveland and Pittsburgh)."

Elway had one more thing to say, and it was aimed at Broncos fans.

"Don't jump off the (band) wagon yet," he said.