If Gunn McKay were elected to Congress, he says he would look closely at what sorts of hazardous materials are being transported on Utah highways.

The Democrat, who is running for the 1st District congressional seat against Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, said an example of the hazard existing on the roads was the spill last week of 80 drums of sodium cyanide on I-15 near Fillmore."Fortunately the spill near Fillmore was in a rural area, but it still took three days to clean up. I can't imagine what the consequences would have been if we had a similar spill of hazardous waste in Bountiful.

"With all the families and neighborhoods around our highways, we do have to be very concerned about the transportation of waste and chemicals through our state," McKay said.

He said is also concerned about a proposed high-level nuclear waste repository in Nevada, which would necessitate transporting much of the waste through Utah.

"As a congressman I would look very closely at the proposed waste site in Nevada. Safety is a very important part of the nuclear and hazardous waste issue."