"The Greeks and The Romans," a free lecture series on various aspects of Greek and Roman culture and civilizations, will begin Thursday, Oct. 18, at the University of Utah.

The 7:30 p.m. lectures will be held in the Fine Arts Auditorium during fall and winter quarters.The lectures and speakers will be:

- Oct. 18, "Theater and Society: Greek Tragedy and Athenian Society," James T. Svendsen, U. professor of languages and literature.

- Nov. 1, "In the Shadow of the Acropolis: Individualism and Cultural Perspective in Fourth Century Athens," W. Lindsay Adams, U. history professor.

- Nov. 15, "Greek Athletics and the Ancient Olympics," David C. Young, University of Florida classics professor.

- Jan. 17, "Theater and Society: Roman Comedy and Roman Values," Svendsen.

- Jan. 31, "Roman Mystery Religions and Early Christianity," William H. Hess, U. languages and literature professor.

- Feb. 28, "Roman Women: Hearing the Voice of the Silent," Mary-Kay Gumel, University of Califor-nia/Santa Cruz, classics professor.