Twelve patents awarded Utah inventors by the United States Patent Office include medical, chemical, mechanical, and electronic systems.

W. Dean Wallace and Jon Neese, both of Salt Lake City. A pressure multiplexing system for communicating a pulmonary artery pressure and a central venous pressure. Assigned to Utah Medical Products, Inc., Midvale. Filed Oct. 15, 1987. Patent 4,949,723.Pierre R. Gohier, Midvale. A baggage cart intended to be selectively coupled to other carts to form a train of carts. Assigned to United Tractor Co., Cleveland. Filed Aug. 19, 1988, a continuation of application Sep. 24, 1986. Patent 4,949,986.

M. Elmer James, Mendon, Cache County. A track drive sprocket wheel for snow grooming vehicle. Assigned to Logan Manufacturing Co., Logan. Filed Oct. 16, 1989. Patent 4,950,211.

Donald J. Cunningham, North Ogden. A passenger automotive restraint generator. Assigned to Morton International, Inc., Chicago. Filed June 22, 1989. Patent 4,950,458.

Bryon J. Tarbet, Ronald L. Bruening, Jerald S. Bradshaw and Reed M. Izatt, all of Provo. Sulfur and nitrogen-containing hydrocarbons and process of using same in recovering and concentrating desired ions from solutions thereof. Assigned to IBC Advanced Technologies, Provo. Filed Aug. 26, 1988. Patent 4,950,636.

James L. Sorenson; Alan L. Madsen, and Ronald E. Madsen, Jr., all of Salt Lake City. An image display system involving the projection of video images onto an uneven surface. Assigned to Dawntreader, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed July 28, 1988. Patent 4,951,151.

James G. Phillips, Jr., Pleasant Grove; James M. Clanton, Camp Hill, Ala.; Jerry W. Green and Jimmy L. Huett, both of Alexander City, Ala. A cold-weather hat. Assigned to Burlington Industries, Inc., Greensboro, N.C. Filed Mar. 31, 1989, a continuation of application July 21, 1987. Patent 4,951,319.

E. Cordell Lundahl, Providence; J. Gordon Wiser, Logan; Laurel H. Jensen, Hyrum, and Ernie Vandenwijengeart, Logan. A large bale hay baler. Assigned to Ezra C. Lundahl, Inc., Logan. Filed June 9, 1989. Patent 4,951,452.

Vern R. Sandall, 113 S. Fort La., Layton 84041. A powered zoom telescope. Filed May 17, 1989. Patent 4,952,041.

John A. Briggs; Roderic C. Deyo, both of Salt Lake City, and Edward J. Haug, Coralville, Iowa. A real time vehicle simulation system. Assigned to Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp., Salt Lake City. Filed June 19, 1989. Patent 4,952,152.

Jerald S. Bradshaw, Provo; Maria Bochenska, Gdansk, Poland; Krzysztof E. Krakowiak, Provo; Jan F. Blernat, Gdansk-Wrzeszcz, Poland; Bryon J. Tarbet, Provo; Ronald L. Bruening, Provo, and Reed M. Izatt, Provo. A process of removing and concentrating desired ions from solutions. Assigned to Brigham Young University, Provo. Filed Oct. 7, 1988. Patent 4,952,321.

Robert B. Wardle, Jerald C. Hinshaw, both of Logan, and William W. Edwards, Tremonton. Synthesis of ABA triblock polymers and AnB star polymers from cyclic ethers. Assigned to Thiokol Corp., Ogden. Filed June 7, 1989. Patent 4,952,644.

Fung-Bor Chen, Sandy; Wu-Nan Huang, Salt Lake City; and Carl M. Rogers, Ware Shoals, S.C. Combined glove and form. Assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co., Franklin Lakes, N.J. Filed Apr. 8, 1987. Design patent 310,133.

Noel H. deNevers, James H. Gardner and Robert M. Norton, all of Salt Lake City. Wine bottle holder or the like. Assigned to Aurora Design Associates, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Oct. 11, 1988. Design patent 310,155.

George Bersonnet, River Heights; and William T. Dalebout, Logan. Exercise cycle. Assigned to Proform Fitness Products, Inc., Logan. Filed Jan., 12, 1989. Design patent 310,253.

Copies of patents are available by number for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington DC 20231.