They call themselves "Los Folkloristas," probably because English speakers can see the word "folklore" in the name and show a little interest.

And "Los Folkloristas" will be trying to create a little interest locally on Friday, Oct. 12, at 7:30 p.m. at Kingsbury Hall.The group is a Latin American band specializing in music from all over the southern hemisphere. The seven-person combo began 25 years ago in Mexico City. Today the members of "Los Folkloristas" are the masters of more than 100 authentic folk instruments and have recorded 25 albums.

The band is probably best known for supplying music for the popular Mexican film, "El Norte."

"Our plan in bringing them here is to show the Hispanic culture to the American people and to give the Hispanics living here a touchstone with their homelands," says local organizer, Ernesto Cornejo.

Tickets are $8 and $12 with senior citizens and students getting a $2 discount.

For information call 466-4526.