I have for the past few years had a very difficult time buying shoes that fit. I wear size A width and practically no shoe manufacturer makes A width any more. Last spring I bought two pairs of shoes at a shoe store in Salt Lake. The salesman very graciously stretched the toes until I thought they would be OK. I am wearing them, not comfortably, but they will do.

On July 7, I returned to the store and found two pairs of shoes I felt would be OK if they were stretched. I paid for them and left them to be stretched. When I went to pick them up I found, much to my extreme disappointment, that they were still too narrow. I would never be able to wear them.The store won't give me a refund on those shoes. Since then I have learned that Selby has several styles in A width available on special order and I want to buy some of those.

I know I am wrong, legally. I bought those shoes on sale, and a sign said "No refunds." But I felt sure the shoes would be OK and I didn't even question the propriety of paying for them. And I need shoes badly! - J.E.N., Salt Lake City.

P.S. Please do not publish my real initials, which are . . .

Because you don't want us to use your real initials, we won't use the name of the store.

We think you should accept responsibility for your decision.

Fortunately for you, however, the store is more relenting than we are. It issued you a refund before it received a letter from us. According to the store, the salesman recommended one thing and you insisted on another. "If you only knew the whole story, you would see I really deserve a medal for the customer service I have given Mrs. . . ." said the letter.