Oakland Athletics' players are champions on the field and in stores, buying thousands of dollars worth of clothes in shop-til-you drop sprees.

Outfielder Rickey Henderson and pitcher Dave Stewart lead the team, pairing up during out-of-town games for credit card-scorching flings."Twice now we've gone into Chicago," said Stewart. I dropped $5,800, and he dropped $4,000-plus," Stewart said. "This last time, I didn't want to go. But we dropped in. I picked up about four, five suits, a couple of sweaters, some real nice ties and some shirts. I dropped about $7,000. He dropped $11,000."

Henderson, who bought eight suits in Chicago, to add to his collection of about 100, remembers the trip well. "That was a serious day," he said.

The superstar bachelors, who each make $3 million a year, say they don't worry about price tags when selecting new clothes.

"If you're getting a check for $100,000 a month, you can go out and spend $4,000 or $5,000 on clothes," Stewart said.