Documentary film maker Michael Moore, keeping his word, has earmarked $1 million - about half his profits from "Roger & Me" - for annual contributions to his favorite charities. At least $100,000 will be given away yearly.

Grants have already gone for rent payments for several Flint, Mich., families whose evictions are depicted in the film, about how that city fared as General Motors cut back auto production there. Another grant went toward kidney dialysis for a woman shown being evicted from her home.Says Moore, "I think anyone who saw the film would understand not only why I made the film, but why I'm choosing to do what I've done with the profits. It was never a question in my mind that I would do good things with the money - it was only a doubt in the minds of those who opposed the film. I always said that this is what I would do."

- LAWSUIT - Robyn Astaire, widow of famed dancer Fred, is suing CBS Records claiming she hasn't been paid full royalties on all her husband's recordings.

Mrs. Astaire, claiming she's the successor to her husband's 1935-vintage contract with Brunswick Records, wants 5 percent of all retail sales. She also claims CBS short-changed her more than $30,000 for "studio and engineering costs."

CBS now owns rights to Brunswick recordings.