Mike Dunleavy will open his first training camp Friday as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and has named a tentative starting lineup.

Vlade Divac will become starting center and join veterans Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Byron Scott and A.C. Green, Dunleavy said.Johnson is looking forward to the coming season.

"We've got freshness coming in where maybe we need something fresh and new and somebody to kick us right in our rear end," Johnson said.

Even ex-Laker Coach Pat Riley believes Dunleavy will start a good legacy.

"I think Mike Dunleavy is going to do a great job," Riley said. "He's fresh. He's enthusiastic. He's energetic. He's young. He's ready to roll.

"I think it's going to be a great start for everybody."

Dunleavy retained Riley's assistants Bill Bertka, Randy Pfund and Jim Eyen. Dunleavy also said he'll be flexible with the players.

"I won't be the kind of coach who says, `Something is to be done this way and that's the only way it's going to be done,"' Dunleavy said.

But most of all, Dunleavy said he wants to get past expectations and get down to business.

"I want to get started," Dunleavy said. "There's been a big buildup. There's a lot of anticipation for me. I'd like to get out on the court and get things started."