A couple of myths are connected to the newly formed Theater League of Utah that Bruce Granath of The Space Agency, the Salt Lake-based booking and promotion agency, would like to dispel.

One is that patrons calling the number advertised last week (for the two-show season of "A Chorus Line" and "Les Miserables"), expect to just call and take care of ordering the tickets in barely a minute or two.But, Granath explained, purchasing tickets for a play at the Capitol Theatre differs from the way ticket sales are handled for a one-shot concert in a large arena.

There are more options for the patron to consider and several questions to be answered: Which day of the week? What section? Evening or matinee?

So, with the league's phones ringing off the hook - and the line busy for what seems like an inordinately long time - Granath indicated he was concerned about how some callers were reacting to the new company's initial delays in presenting its first Broadway musical season.

Some of these delays were caused by Myth No. 2 - a wrong phone number apparently given to several hundred callers by a worker in the Salt Palace box office (where some people called after being unable to get through to the theater league's lines).

Granath said the TLU's staff fielded phone calls for 12 hours - from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. - last Saturday, the first day that season tickets for the two-show package were available.

He emphasized (and this will be stated again in a "thank you" ad on Sunday in the Deseret News Arts & Entertainment section) that season tickets are NOT available at either the Salt Palace or Capitol Theatre box offices - only from the Utah Theater League. Mail-order forms, however, can be obtained from both box offices.

"We've had an overwhelming demand and we are responding as soon as we can," he said. "It's fantastic to see this kind of support."

He said that some sections of the theater have been sold out but that good seating is available for both productions on all dates.

"A Chorus Line: The Farewell Tour" will run Nov. 27 through Dec. 2, and "Les Miserables" is scheduled for a two-week run, April 23 through May 5.

For further information regarding season tickets, call the Theater League of Utah at 355-5502.

Single-ticket sales will begin on Oct. 15 for "A Chorus Line" and on Dec. 3 for "Les Miserables."