There is nothing more frustrating than trying to track down an electrical problem in a car, especially today when cars and trucks have more wires and gadgets than a modern rocket.

According to Frank Nemanic, owner of Frank's Auto and Diesel, trying to track down an electrical problem really isn't all that difficult."In most cases," he said, "it's human error."

"The first thing we ask is if the owner has been doing any work on the vehicle, like installing a radio. You can usually track it down to having left a wire off, or having cut the wrong wire, or bumping a wire and knocking it loose. They've usually done something to the car and not realized it."

He also pointed out that winter is a time when electrical problems always seem to develope.

One reason is that the additional moisture in the air causes electrolysis.

"What happens is a wire wasn't pushed on tightly. When moisture forms it stops it from making contact," he said.

Nemanic started in the business 22 years ago with a two-bay shop. Today he is in a seven-bay shop he built seven years ago. On his staff is a specialist in electrical problem solving.

He noted, too, that many of the switches and electrical systems in cars today are nearly identical to those used years ago by big businesses needing sophisticated equipment.

"We worked on it then, which has helped us today. What we're seeing in some of the newer cars isn't so new to us, which helps us to solve problems and in making repairs."