Just because it looks nice doesn't mean that it doesn't offer a service. Take for example the newest thing in accessories - stainless steel rocker panel moldings.

They fit under the door of cars and trucks, and while they add to the overall appearance, they also serve a very useful service.According to Jim Peters, owner of Trim Line, the panels are about six inches wide and fit under the doors.

"What they do is protect the area from rock chips. That's the area that gets hit the hardest. What happens if it's not protected is that the paint is chipped off and this allows moisture to get in and start rusting," he explained.

He also noted that another way of preserving the looks of a car is with rust proofing. Here, the insides of the doors and fenders are sprayed with a material that prevents rust. More and more cars are coming from the factory with rust protection.

Running boards are another accessory that Peters said his shop specializes in and one that offers the new owners protection along with a more striking appearance.