Compared to today's technologically advanced automobiles, yesterday's vehicles seem almost primitive. Remember when gasoline was gravity-fed from the gas tank down to the engine-and it was up to the driver to manually mix the air and fuel by puling the choke just right?

Those days are gone forever. Automobiles of the '90s come equipped with sensitive on-board computers that monitor and control everything from the metering of the fuel supply to the comfort of the interior climate.This advanced technology brings with it many benefits, including higher performance and easier operation. Our cars can even talk to us, reminding us to turn off the lights or fasten the seat belt. And the smarter our cars get, the smarter we have to be about vehicle diagnostics. In fact, it often takes a computer to figure out what's wrong with another computer.

For that reason, Chrysler Motors dealerships from coast-to-coast will be upgrading their diagnostics capabilities by installing the computerized Mopar Diagnostic System (MDS).

MDS provides Service Technicians with a tool which will separate electrical problems from mechanical ones and then lead the technician through easy to follow diagnostic procedures.

MDS will also provide the technician with all appropriate technical information relating to the specific repair including Technical Service Bulletins, Hot Line News letters and an integrated parts catalog.

MDS provides the means for Chrysler technicians to significantly impact the "Fix it Right" the first time goal.

MDS also features a portable data recorder for use when identifying hard-to-find intermittent problems. It allows technicians to record all significant data during a road test so that information can then be fed back through MDS for appropriate diagnostic procedures.

In addition, to relying more heavily on computerized diagnostics to evaluate the condition of today's new cars, we must also seek out those technicians who represent the cream of the crop: skilled automotive technicians who are thoroughly trained in their trade, and kept current through periodic training updates.

Chrysler's MDS includes a continually updated Technical Information Library that allows technicians to review the most current service information on-screen at any time. It provides years of technical service bulletins, all hotline newsletters, diagnostic procedure manuals, and five years of recall notices and procedures.

Now, more than ever before, it is especially important to have your car serviced by technicians who are familiar with all aspects of that make and model. That may mean taking your vehicle to the dealership whenever service is needed-especially if it's one that's equipped with special diagnostic tools designed especially for your car.